What Is a Professional Tree Arborist?

Are you thinking about hiring a professional tree arborist? Whether you have just bought a tree or want to keep your old tree alive, it is essential to hire someone who knows how to deal with trees and put them no longer in service. Balancing your tree removal with tree maintenance can sometimes be even harder to figure out. If you see cases such as these happening in your neighborhood, make sure you call a professional tree arborist for a professional inspection and immediate removal service. Here are some of the things you should know before you choose an arborist:

professional tree arborist

Trees don’t fall out of the sky. They may lose their leaves or branches, but they still need to be tended to. It is best to have your trees professionally inspected by a professional tree care provider at least once a year. If you do not have this done professionally, you may end up with more trees needing to be removed or cut down because they are struggling and no longer able to provide the complete service that you paid for when you purchased them.

You may think that if your trees are healthy, they will handle any pruning that needs to be done. But healthy trees are still sensitive to things like wind, sun, temperature, and disease. A professional tree care service can inspect your trees and let you know whether the branches are healthy enough to undergo any pruning. If you choose to let your professional tree arborist do the pruning, make sure that you ask him or her to use synthetic pruning shears so that your trees are not damaged.

Do you think that it’s okay to cut down healthy trees without any anesthetic? Of course, it is! A professional tree¬†Arborist Houston¬†can handle all types of cutting needs without using chemicals or drugs. Chemicals can cause damage to the roots as well as to the tree during a pruning event.

Have you considered hiring a professional tree arborist for stump removal? Stump removal may be one of the most daunting tasks for homeowners. When you employ a professional tree arborist, he or she will come to your home and make sure that the stump is correctly removed from your yard. You might be worried about how much this will cost, but your insurance covers a stump removal fee in many cases.

Is it possible for you to do some or all of the staking, bagging, and pruning on your own? Absolutely. Some several books and websites have tips and tricks on how to prune trees effectively without the use of pruning shears or other tools. A professional tree arborist can offer tree removal services that include these types of services.

Do you live in a small or residential area where a commercial property owner is staking and bagging their trees? In most cases, professional arborists are not able to do the staking and bagging for residential properties. Commercial property owners often hire arborists from a local landscape design company to get the job done for them. Landscape companies can offer the same services that arborists provide to residential customers at a more affordable price.

When are spiky, twisted, and tangled trees causing damage to homes and businesses? Pruning is an essential step in tree care that should never be left to chance or inexperienced amateurs. A professional tree arborist should always prune unhealthy trees or become too thick for simple stump grinding. Stump grinding can often result in significant, expensive tree surgeries if it is done incorrectly. The exemplary service from a qualified professional tree arborist can prevent unnecessary injuries due to incorrect pruning and stump grinding.